It's not all about the big peats and the white piste... Snowbombing is also home to an amazing array of spas, saunas and wellness centres!

As you may have heard, every Snowflake is different. Each one beautifully unique in structure and make up. Well the same goes for Snowbombing! Everyone has a different experience. While there are some who party hard day and night, some on the slopes and some off the slopes (and some both off and on the slopes!) in a marathon and memorable blizzard of bands and beats, others will enjoy an altogether more luxurious festival experience. Choosing a cosy 4 star hotel with balcony with chocolate box views and an elegant spa downstairs, booking tables in traditional eateries and sipping cocktails in the sun. 

While some of our guests choose to mosh down the front and lose themselves in the lasers, some prefer to parade like peacocks in fancy dress along the high street, while others will save themselves for the spring sunshine and mountain-top après ski gatherings (our après ski  has been known to involve Idris Elba, Mr Motivator, Eddie The Eagle and Fatboy Slim and is the envy of the alps...

Chairlift to Heaven?

Forget the online sites, the mountain top is the ultimate dating platform!  Our mischievous SB matchmakers set you up on your romantic high octane speed date of your life. Prepare to pucker up for private(ish) Ski Lift Speed Dating session. Meet your match / love of your life (or at least of the week...). I’m Your Man…for at least 10 minutes!

Oh, and did we mention Cable Car-aoke? Buckle up your ski boots and prepare to warble your way up the Penken to a selection of sing-a-long classics...

The Pampering

And the fun doesn’t end when the chairlifts stop whirring: After a day in the sun and snow, nothing beats warm bubbles and a pair of soft hands! Mayrhofen offers pampering par excellence: from outdoor panorama hot tubs and energy-infused alpine water enhanced with ozone and oxygen to 17 different types of saunas, numerous personal treatments and massages. In fact Snowbombing is probably the most luxurious and relaxing festival you’ll ever go to! 

"From clubbing in the streets to Arctic discos and mountain-top gigs, it's a winter wonderland of fancy dress fun"- Cosmopolitan

Most of our hotels boast fantastic wellness areas, from roof top hot tubs offering panoramic views of the gasp-inducing peaks to balmy Moroccan themed pools and relaxation rooms. So kick off those ski boots, shake the pine cones from your hair and book in for a facial... That bruised ski bum deserves a rest!