Welcome to your ultimate guide to getting around the festival, Snowbombing style. Here, you can find all the essential information on ski passes, pedestrian passes and how to access the mountain venues. For skiers and non-skiers alike, there are accessible routes for all to ensure everyone has the same enjoyable, ease-free experience, regardless of your skills in winter sports!



No one day is the same when you’re at Snowbombing! Each day, there is an assortment of different activities, acts and locations to explore to ensure you’re getting the most out of your time in the sensational mountainsides of Mayrhofen. Every day, our mountain venues will host various events between 12 – 4pm before kicking things off in-town from 5pm onwards, with music blasting through into the early mornings until 6am. 



The mountain venues consist of The Snow Park Terrace, The Mountain Stage, Rompa’s Reggae Shack, Ahornhütte (home to our Mountaintop Brunch) and The Penken Terrace. At these venues, you can catch fist-pumping, dancefloor bangers from world-class DJs, spinning tunes from house, disco, bassline, drum and bass and everything in between, against an alluring view like no other.


To get to these venues, you will need either a ski pass or a pedestrian pass. It is recommended that you ski to the mountain venues for ease and to get the most out of the experience, however where there’s a will, there’s a way, and you can approach these venues via foot – just make sure you’re wearing snow boots or other appropriate footwear! Bear in mind that it will take longer to get to these by foot than skiing, so make sure you leave sufficient time to see the acts you love. 

  • You can find The Penken Terrace at the top of the Penkenbahn ski lift and The Mountain Stage is located behind the Pilz Bar nearby – both venues are easily accessible via walking. 
  • To get to Rompa’s Reggae Shack, you can ski down from The Penken Terrace or The Mountain Stage. For an alternative route, head to the Horbergbahn and use the “magic carpet” to get down for the non-skiers. 
  • To get to The Snow Park Terrace, we recommend skiing if you can as it’s much more accessible that way. Alternatively, you can take the chairlift from the top of the Horbergbahn then walk roughly 100m across the slope.
  • For those attending our inaugural Mountaintop Brunches at the Ahornhütte, fear not as this venue is easily walkable from the top of the Ahornbahn ski lift. 

All the in-town venues are fully accessible by foot and closely located to each other, so there’s no need to worry about passes or lifts to interrupt the partying mood! 



You can purchase ski passes through the Customer Dashboard on our website. We have 1-day passes and 2-7-day pass options valid on consecutive days. If you want more flexibility try our 4-in-6, 5-in-7 or 6-in-7 day multi-passes, allowing you to pick and choose your days in the snow. You can find prices here.



If you don’t fancy skiing or boarding, you can purchase Pedestrian Passes for the days you’d want to head up to the mountain venues. Pedestrian Passes cannot be purchased through our website, but they can be purchased at the ski lift kiosks when you arrive in town for just €17.50 per day. 



If this will be your first time in the mountains, what better way to spend your free time than by learning how to ski or snowboard against a picturesque backdrop? With qualified instructors on-site, practice on slopes made for beginners to perfect your skills before advancing onto bigger and steeper slopes. By the time you leave Austria, you may have picked up a new skill!

Head over to your customer dashboard to book skiing lessons as an extra.