Respect Mayrhofen

One of the great things about Snowbombing is that our festival site is a real village with real people living in it: butchers (oh yes!), bakers and, of course, ski stick makers.

Many villagers tell us their favourite guests during the winter season are Snowbombers. They love your dress (non)sense, the colour you bring and the way you act towards them and their home. “They’re crazy!… but they’re nice crazy”, is how one memorably puts it.

So, please keep on keeping on. The respect you show, your manners and your laughter is the reason we keep getting asked back. You’re an amazing asset to have, so thank you in advance for using the bins, not dropping cigarettes on the mountain and the way you interact with the kids who love your fancy dress to the old ladies who you make smile and remember her youth.

Don’t just ‘ave it: bring it, embrace it and love it. Mayrhofen is our home. Welcome back!

Brexit. Pandemic. War. You couldn’t make it up!

Pulling together an event like Snowbombing isn’t easy at the best of times, but this year there’s been more bumps in the road than Pickup Street in Accrington… but we’ve navigated through them and here we are.

So, please understand that we are trying to do our best in difficult circumstances to deliver a unique overseas event in a time of unprecedented challenges.

Thanks for your patience. We should all be thankful we’re here celebrating life, music and nature with our friends (and friends we haven’t met yet).

Check our #nobombing campaign here for information on how we are supporting War Child.