Tackling Travel Impacts on Snowbombing 2023

Snowbombing are working hard on being a greener festival & holiday experience – to do our part for the planet and protect our winters for years to come.

For Snowbombing 2023, we’re offering all customers the opportunity to offset the carbon emissions from your travel to & from Austria, through Ecolibrium’s Trees+ Programme. Your donation to balance your travel carbon footprint will be invested in Trees+ for tree planting, protection and community development. Did you know a single mature tree can absorb 21kg of CO² in one year?

To support your incredible efforts & encourage as many customers as possible to take part, Snowbombing will be covering half of your offsetting fee. So if it costs £6.74 to balance your travel in total, then you pay £3.37 and we’ll pay £3.37. If you pay £1.27, we’ll do the same. We’re in this together!

You can read more about Ecolibrium’s Trees+ initiative here:

Here’s how it works: 

The average return flight from the UK to Snowbombing equates to roughly 300kg of CO²e emissions, whilst a return car journey from the UK to Mayrhofen equates to 200kg of CO²e, and a return coach or train trip is around 100kg of CO²e emissions. We’ve provided two options based on how you intend on getting to the festival in April – please pick one and add it to your basket:

> Option 1: Offset the equivalent amount of CO²e for flying to/from the UK = £3.37 (and SB pay £3.37) 

> Option 2: Offset the equivalent amount  of CO²e for driving / taking the train or coach = £1.27 (and SB pay £1.27)


*These amounts are calculated averages based on attendee travel from previous events. For flights, this includes the airport transfer to/from Mayrhofen.