Local Mayrhofen Activities

Whilst Snowbombing offers loads of Festival Experiences – from Snolympics to Chairlift Speed Dating – there are some things we leave down to the locals. Here’s your ultimate guide to the Mayrhofen Experiences you can book directly via our Mayrhofen friends from paragliding and bungee jumping, to hiking and cycling!

The website is the ultimate directory for all skiing and non-skiing activities in the town of Mayrhofen and beyond. Below, we have curated a shortlist of the most fun and exciting activities to consider partaking in across the festival week.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Soak up all the adrenaline you want by shredding the slopes all day! Your lift pass allows you access to the whole Zillertal area, so you have over 600km of terrain to explore. Whether you fancy perfecting your technique on some easy greens or heading up to the Hintertux Glacier for more of a challenge… you won’t get bored in Mayrhofen!

Glacier Trip

The Hintertux Glacier offers a fascinating nature experience in summer and winter at up to 3,250 meters above sea level. Even the ascent up there in the highest two gondolas in the world is an experience in itself! Thanks to its high altitude, you can ski at the Hintertux Glacier in spring and autumn, when the season has not yet begun elsewhere or is already over.

Off the slopes, you visit the Nature Ice Palace or the Spannagelhöhle Natural Monument – these are two unique natural gems amongst the absolute highlights in the Zillertal all year round. If you want to seal eternal love or friendship in the midst of the 5-star panorama, bring your very own personal (love) lock with you to the panorama terrace at 3,250 meters. You can also experience an incredible culinary experience, the gondola breakfast and the Brettljausen gondola.


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Breathe in the fresh, spring-induced air as you explore the beautiful scenic village through bike rides.

Snowshoe Hiking

Explore lucky finds through snow hikes and adventures. Take in the mountain views in a different way to skiing and soak in the springtime sunshine at the same time!

Horse and Carriage Ride

Fancy something a bit different? A horse and carriage ride through the snowy mountains is just the thing! Take in all the sights and breathe in the mountain air whilst feeling like SB24 royalty.


Fancy a break from skiing? Try out Mayrhofen’s toboggan ride, you’re never too old!