Paraglide Over The Zillertal Valley

Soar as close to the heavens as you can get with a once in a lifetime experience to Paraglide over the snowy mountains and Zillertal Valley.

Feast your eyes on magnificent views

Take a selfie with amazing background views – unforgettable memories for you and amazing Instagram posts for your feed! 

Learn to Ski or Snowboard

Take your first step to learn to ski or snowboard with qualified instructors on the baby slopes to one day hit the big ones!

Experience Endless Adventures in the Mountains

Adventure through the mountains of Mayrhofen for the ultimate snow hiking experience

Commune With Nature

Mellow springtime jogs through the open fields of Mayrhofen, whilst basking in the stunning mountain top views 

Devour Authentic Austrian Cuisine

Experience traditional Austrian cuisine at the finest rooftop bars and restaurants Mayhrofen has to offer

Indulge in one of our Spa Retreats

Clear your mind and body of any tension at a Mayrhofen Spa retreat, including: Saunas, Deep Massages and overall tranquillity

Dig Into Alpine Cheese Fondue  

Dig into an extensive selection of tasty cheeses in a place known for cheese farming, all paired with a glass of that red wine that you’ve always wanted to try lol

Mountaintop Brunch With Bottomless Drinks

Join us for our sensational mountaintop brunch hosted by your favourite entertainers, surrounded by your favourite people

Bike Hike Through The Mountains

Escape on a bike hike through the rockier side of Mayrhofen

Win fun games and challenges

Enjoy a combination of fun, laughter and relaxation as part of our Apres games!

Gaze at the Nighttime Views

Gaze over the beautiful sunset views eclipsed between the snowlike clouds, all with a traditional Austrian beer to digest the beauty

Relax in Rooftop Pools

Enjoy steamy rooftop pools under blue-bird skies with panoramic views of the Alps, all with a prosecco in hand.

Party In The Pines

Dance your way through the enchanted alpine forests whilst listening to your favourite DJs and headliners.

Learn New Yoga Techniques

Follow the guidance of qualified yoga instructors to centre your mind, body and soul through various stretches and mental stimulation exercises, with amazing views to match

Kickback And relax In A  Luxurious Mayrhofen Hotel

Complete your ultimate Alpine experience with a stay at one of Myrohofens luxury hotels, don’t be surprised if you run into one of your favourite DJs

Compete In The Snowlympic Games

Compete in our highly anticipated Snowlympic Games for a chance to take home a celebratory souvenir

Find Love On The Mountains

Find Your match sitting on the Snowy mountains of Mayrhofen, whilst sipping a cocktail

Chill And Sip On Our Rooftop Bar

Be the FIRST to experience some relaxation time on our newly built Coolness Rooftop Bar

Visit A New Country

Take a break from normality and tick off your travelling bucket list amongst other adventures you will experience along the way

Ski Down The World Famous Alps 

A chance to glide down the infamous Alps with your favourite ski buddy!