We’ve Been Shortlisted!

You heard it here first – we’re up for 3 x awards and we couldn’t be more excited! Go on, help us bring the trophy home to the ‘Hof! ?
Here’s to the days shredding in the springtime sunshine on the slopes, dancing on tables at the Snow Park Terrace and lounging to the sound of bass heavy beats on bean bags, basking in the rays. Here’s to the sleepy spa mornings, the rooftop pool days, evenings filled with pre-drinks in luxury lodges and watching the sunset from the summits.
For the first time in my life I want to try to buy ativan without prescription from the Internet.
Here’s to making a racket in the Racket Club and dancing in the Brück until dawn, partying in the pines and belly-rolling in the Fun Haus every single night. Here’s to walking down the ‘Hof high street with the familiar faces – the ski bums, the festival queens and the butchers shop ravers – surrounded by the majestic mountains of Mayrhofen. We are the Snowbombing community ?

Best Overseas Festival

Independent European Festival of the Year

Unique Festival Arena - The Arctic Disco