No matter where you call home – whether it’s Dublin, Belfast, Glasgow, London or Manchester – now is a great opportunity to thriftily book your journey to the mountains. The Snowbombing site neighbours three conveniently located airports: Munich, Innsbruck and Salzburg.

Check out a handful of the cheapest return flights to Munich, starting from just £177 return. Go ahead and explore some options below to get your whole trip sorted in one quick swoop! We’ve listed the cheapest options here, but you can also fly to Innsbruck and Salzburg if you prefer, too.

You can tailor your length of stay to cover either the core festival period or add a little extra downtime to enjoy the wonders Mayrhofen has to offer – from ski slopes and local cuisine to spas and luxury hotels.

Early birds who touchdown on Saturday 2nd or Sunday 3rd can even experience venue opening parties, plus the road trip arrival down the main high street. Staying until Sunday 10th grants you a whole extra day to unwind with more space to yourself on the slopes!


A couple things to note:


Snowbombing airport transfers operate on multiple dates, so please ensure that you book your airport transfers for the date of your flights.


Also, flights aren’t booked via Snowbombing, but by external airlines. Once booked, airport transfers can then be arranged through Snowbombing via your customer dashboard, which would be a cheaper and more sustainable option than taking a taxi.

5 Night Stays


6 night stays


Sunday April 3rd > Saturday April 9th



Monday April 4th > Sunday April 10th


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