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SB22 Must-Do Moments

Are you ready for the return of festival season? We invite you to Snowbombing 2022, to your first international festival back in the game, your first holiday in ages, your first chance to dance – it’s music to your ears. Replace the new normal with the never done befores, swap identikit banana bread pics for stories to tell, replace lockdowns for lockins, switch up the nostalgia and the wish we were theres for mountains of memories to share with new friends… 

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Get stuck into these Must-Do Moments, then start anew at SB22! 



Snowbombing is the perfect place to try skiing or boarding for the first time, with slopes made for newbies and seasoned skiers alike. Imagine skiing on untouched pow with a view of the snow-capped Alps for miles ahead. Challenge yourself and reach new heights, take on green runs, blue runs, maybe even black runs and tick off one of your lifetime goals – to ski or board like a pro. Learn the ropes with an instructor on The Penken, glide down the longest artificial snow-covered run at The Ahorn, head to the out-of-town world-famous ski spot, The Glacier, or battle with the big one – The Harakiri. The Alps are yours. 


We’re adventurous at Snowbombing, which is why we host our festival in one of the most stunning settings in the world. This isn’t just a music festival – it’s a bucketlist getaway of a lifetime. Take cruisy bike rides to glassy alpine lakes, paraglide to witness the breathtaking sights of Austria from a birds-eye perspective, climb a cliff face and be at one with nature, or hike through the majestic mountains to witness panoramic views of the Ziller Valley – experience endless adventure from the best vantage points the resort has to offer.


We’re not only pioneering, but a playful bunch too – this is how we’ve made being daft our craft over the last two decades! Snowbombing is packed with performers of all kinds, ready to take the apres-ski entertainment to a whole new level. So grab a stein, take the dancefloor to the tabletops and brace yourselves for a week-long whirlwind of fun and games. You haven’t experienced apres-ski till you’ve seen apres-ski at Snowbombing.


This is your chance to experience 5 European countries with 100+ cars of like-minded festival-goers and surprise guests on an epic, 2-day escapade to the Alps. Make unforgettable memories and form your SB22 squad on our infamous mission to the mountains. We do things differently at SBHQ – so we like to start the party a couple of days early to make the most of every moment, drink up the sights and delights at every stop and make this a trip to remember.


Welcome to a captivating live music experience at the base of the mountains. An unequalled, must-do venue where you can witness our headliners take to the sensational Forest Stage to heat up the resort. A pounding, first-class soundsystem draws you through the fir trees to the sound of the biggest producers of the moment. A kick drum echoes through the mountains and signals the start of an iconic world-class band. The strum of a guitar and a “1-2” through the mic is followed by the roar of a cheering crowd through the enchanted alpine forest clearing where you’re about to make the best memories of your life.


Dance from day until dusk at our sky-high venues, complete with the freshest talent of the moment and finest views you’ll find at any festival! This is the most spectacular spot to witness DJs spin sets against a picture-perfect, panoramic backdrop. Sway to the best electronic music of the minute, bask under bluebird skies and soak up springtime sunshine for some truly take your breath away mountaintop moments.


Snowbombing is packed with pinch yourself moments, including our Mountaintop Yoga classes at a brand new sky-high venue. Break out your best king dancer pose at the peak of the mountains every morning and ease up those joints for a day on the slopes. Re-vitalise, re-energise, renew and admire the view… Namaste. 


Switch hot tents and hangovers for the call of relaxation and indulgence. Choose a room to suit you. Choose balconies with a view of the stunning Zillertal Valley. Choose heated pools with saunas and your very own masseuse. Choose an in-house restaurant with local produce and tables for two, or an outdoor Bavarian beer garden with room for a few. Enjoy sky-high spas with panoramic views, champagne on tap and an outdoor pool. Mayrhofen boasts a wealth of luxury hotels that allow you to session in style – so don’t be surprised if you find yourself in the sauna with our headline act!