Snowbombing 2025 Royalty Rewards

Snowbombing Royalty is the ultimate festival loyalty programme, that rewards our community as a THANK YOU for joining us year on year. You Snowbombers truly make this festival, so we want to treat you like the royalty that you are! πŸ‘‘

We’re offering all SB Royalty 24HRS EARLY ACCESS to the Snowbombing 2025 on-sale on Monday 10th June! Plus a whopping discount on your package πŸ‘€

Alongside enticing discounts on SB25 packages, anticipate a regal array of perks, including complimentary merch, exclusive access to Royalty areas, drinks on the house, a myriad of prize draws to level up your SB experience and more! ✨

To be eligible to join the SB Royalty club, Snowbombing 2025 must be your 2nd (or more!) consecutive year at the festival. πŸ‘€ A reminder that the Royalty scheme works for consecutive years, so keep this in mind when claiming your category crown!Β 

Read on to discover the full array of incredible SB25 Royalty perks πŸ€©πŸ‘‡

Silver πŸ‘‰ Attended SB24 + SB25
Gold πŸ‘‰ Attended SB23 + SB24 + SB25
Platinum πŸ‘‰ Attended SB22 + SB23 + SB24 + SB25
Black πŸ‘‰ Attended SB19 + SB22 + SB23 + SB24 + SB25