How to request your Cashless refund

We went cashless again for SB22 to create a smooth and fast-paced system, so you could leave behind the hassle of coins and spend more time partying! Now that the festival is sadly over, please read below to see how you can request a refund for any unspent money left on your cashless wristband. 

Refunds will be available from 10:00 Monday 11th April 2022 until 23:59 Monday 25th April 2022. We aim to process all refunds within 30 working days of the date the refund request has been submitted.

This year, we’re supporting War Child as our official charity partner across SB22. If you have any credit left over and would like to request a refund, you have the option to donate some or all of your unspent credit to their incredible cause.

There is no charge for refunds, but you do need to have a minimum of €2 left in your account.

The free Bonus Bucks credit was only accessible after you had spent your actual funds. Any unspent Bonus Bucks are now non-refundable as the festival is over. 

The €100 Rollover Credit was valid from Saturday 2nd to Tuesday 5th April 2022. Any free Rollover Credit unspent by 23:59 on Tuesday 5th April 2022 would have been deactivated.

Your €50 merchandise voucher needed to be claimed at the festival and has now been deactivated. 

You can apply for a refund via the Cashless section of the festival app or at now.

1. Enter the Snowbombing app and click on the Cashless section.

2. Sign into your Cashless dashboard (like you’re about to top up your wristband).  

3. Click on the ‘refund’ button under your balance, where you will be given the option to either donate some or all of your unspent money, or request a full refund.

*If you would like a refund but have not created a Cashless account, you will need to use the code on the back of your wristband chip to create an account first.