Accéder à mon compte

Whilst at the festival, in Snowbombing Cashless venues, you can forget the coins, ditch currency exchange & be done with trips to the ATM – cashless is back!

Your festival wristband will contain an RFID chip that grants you access to Snowbombing Cashless venues and enables you to buy drinks and SB merchandise with a simple flick of the wrist. Less time on the pennies, more time on the party!


It’s super easy to set up your Cashless account, which will be linked directly to your festival wristband.

Before heading out to Mayrhofen, we’d encourage all customers to create a Cashless account and “top up” (add money). Doing this in advance saves the hassle of exchanging money, going to the ATM or topping up upon arrival – meaning more time to enjoy the festival!

Please note:

● You’ll need your e-ticket number to register (if registering pre-event) or your wristband codes (if during the event).

● Your e-ticket number is found on your ‘Final Information’. It’s the long number under the QR code.

● Please ensure you are using YOUR e-ticket number (not that of a friend or family member) and make sure you use the same email address as the one used to initially book your Snowbombing ticket.

● Your 6-digit code is found on the back of the plastic chip on your wristband.


We’re offering the following free credit incentives (aka Bonus Bucks!) if you top up your online account BEFORE arriving at the festival! Spend your free Bonus Bucks on anything, without expiration.

**If you are a rollover customer, with €100 free Rollover  Credit, you will be able to spend this before your own top up money. Your €100 Rollover Credit can be used across the full drinks menu (except double serves, shots & wine), and across all Snowbombing Cashless venues except The Street Party from Saturday 2nd to Tuesday 5th. If any of this free Rollover Credit is unspent by 11:59 on Tuesday 5th April 2022, it will be deactivated.


Luckily, there is a strong data connection across Mayrhofen and WiFi in most places, should you need to top up your account or check your balance whilst at the festival. You can do this by downloading the Snowbombing Festival App (from the App Store or Play Store) or by signing up via

That said, we strongly recommend topping up your account online before heading to our venues, in case you cannot get an internet connection and have to queue up at a Top-Up Point instead.

When setting up your account and loading in your money, we recommend enabling ‘Auto Top Up’, which will mean your account automatically tops up €50 if your balance falls below €10. That way, you can guarantee you’ll always have money on your wristband when you head to the bar! Don’t worry, if you change your mind you can opt out at any time.


Feel free to top up as much as you would like – whatever you don’t spend can be refunded to you after the festival has finished, given it’s at a minimum of €2. Refunds will be available from 10:00 Monday 11th April 2022 until 23:59 Monday 25th April 2022. We aim to process all refunds within 30 working days of the date the refund request has been submitted.

This year, we’re supporting War Child as our official charity partner across Snowbombing 2022. If you do have any credit left over and would like to request a refund, you have the option to donate some or all of your unspent credit to their incredible cause.

*If you would like a refund but have not created a Cashless account, you will need to use the code on the back of your wristband chip to create an account first.