You’ve all been wondering and you’ve all been asking. SB22’s Street Party theme has been the subject of a lot of talk and a lot more questions, more so than ever before! Today, we’re here to finally reveal our highly anticipated Street Party theme in conjunction with Glitterbox and their wild stage takeover.

The Street Party will commence onto the streets of Mayrhofen once again, uniting festival-goers, artists and local residents as they ascend to the streets for a party tough to forget. Traversing between the golden era and modern classics of house and disco is the queen of dazzling and distinctive sounds, Honey Dijon, French house juggernaut, Folamour, and respected Glitterbox mainstay, Melvo Baptiste. 

The theme for this year’s Street Party isGlitterbox presents Express Yourself! Glitterbox events are renowned for their extravagance and flamboyance to the soundtrack of the world’s greatest DJs. 

Glitterbox stand for inclusivity, a safe haven for people from all walks of life, where party-goers can relieve their mind, body and soul and lose all inhibitions in the freest form. Expect feel-good music from the realms of house and disco, rambunctious energy and chaotically, colourful aesthetics.