SB22 In-Resort and Festival Covid Protocols

Just a reminder…

1. It is compulsory to wear your mask in the queue for all SB operated venues.

2. Remember to show your green tick to security on venue entry to show you have completed your LFT.

3. Please do not do your Lateral Flow Tests (LFTs) in or outside the Europahaus, please do these in your accommodation.

4You have been given a box of 5 LFTs which need to last you all week. Please ensure you do not throw away any unused tests as we cannot guarantee we can provide you with anymore if we run out of tests.

5. Please do not ask the Customer Service desk for help with COVID testing. Please use the ‘incident’ reporting feature on the SB app. This can be found in the “SB Health & Safety” section within the main dropdown menu. This will put you in contact with the COVID team who can help


Snowbombing takes place in a town that continues to operate as usual around the festival. Please be mindful that the rules may differ slightly between local non-Snowbombing operated areas and Snowbombing operated venues.

Please read on for:

A)  In-resort Protocols Across Non-Snowbombing Operated Areas

B) Protocols Across Snowbombing Operated Venues


Local regulations relating to Covid are mandated by the Austrian government, local Tourist Board and local authorities. How strictly enforced these measures are, varies significantly from place to place. 

The following measures are the current local regulations:

● FFP2 masks are mandatory again in all public, indoor areas. This includes public transport, cable cars and ski lifts, shops, cultural and leisure centres, and hotels and restaurants (when not seated). Please note: This does not apply once inside Snowbombing operated venues. 
● Ski pass collection kiosks, bars, clubs and après ski locations can choose between mask wearing OR “3-G” proof (triple vaccinated/recovered or PCR tested).

We advise you bring enough masks for your entire stay at Snowbombing, the event will not be able to provide these. Masks are also sold in local shops.


We have been working closely with the Mayrhofen Tourist Board and Local Authorities to come to an agreement on the SB22 rules and regulations. The Authorities have insisted that we have a testing regime in place, so that you do not have to wear a mask in Snowbombing operated venues.

In order to gain entry to the Snowbombing operated venues, you will need to show proof of a negative Lateral Flow Test (LFT) taken within the last 24hrs. This applies to everyone (vaccinated or not). We appreciate that this is more onerous than the current regulations in the UK. Austria has a much stricter approach to Covid regulations. We have tried to make the process as simple and easy as possible.

Please read the following information for further details on the testing process: 

1. Collect Your Free Lateral Flow Tests On Arrival

On arrival, you will be given a free box containing 5 Lateral Flow tests. You will pick this up with your wristband. There is no charge for this. If you need more tests during your stay you can pick these up from the Europahaus, the Customer Service point and the Merchandise stands.

2. Complete a Test Every 24 Hours

You are required to complete an Austrian Lateral Flow test (not an NHS test) every 24hrs in order to gain access to the Snowbombing venues. 

The Lateral Flow tests, provided by the local Tourist Board, are similar to the NHS tests, they are nasal swabs only and take a few minutes to do. Please find instructions below in English and German.

3. Upload Your Test Result

Once you have taken your test, you upload the result to the Austrian Government website below.

You will be asked to enter the address of your residence. You will need to enter your hotel / apartment address that you are staying in. Do not enter your home address.

You do not need to enter your social security number. 

A video guide for taking the test and uploading the results can be found HERE.

You will then have your result certificate emailed to you directly, ready to download.

4. Show Your Negative Test Email To Enter SB22 Venues

Snowbombing 2022 Venues:

We ask that you wear a mask whilst in the queue for the Snowbombing venues and get your negative test certificate ready to flash to security on the way in. You may remove your mask upon entry to Snowbombing venues.

Other Venues & Restaurants Across Resort:

Under current Austrian regulations other venues and restaurants across the resort are supposed to see your 3-G status on entry.

5. If You Test Positive

If you test positive please get in touch with the festival team under “SB Health & Safety” on the Snowbombing App:
– Under “Call Contacts” you can call our Covid Emergency Response team.
– Under “Incident Report” you can contact them via form
 and someone will reach out to you.
Our team will support you and provide you with advice on the next steps. They will assist in arranging further testing, alternative accommodation and onward travel.

Isolation: If you test positive, you are required to quarantine. Your vaccination status does not alter quarantine requirements. You are required to isolate for 10 days, starting from the day you had symptoms or had a confirmed positive result. You can take a PCR test again on day 5 if you have been symptom-free for 48hrs. If this result is negative, you can leave self-isolation. If this test is positive, you must continue to self isolate until day 10, when you can take another PCR test. 

Accommodation: If you are travelling with a group and sharing accommodation, you will be required to move to single occupancy accommodation in order to fully self-isolate. Snowbombing can help with this process. 

Travel Insurance: You are responsible for covering all costs associated with quarantine and amending travel plans. We suggest you take out appropriate travel insurance to cover you in case you test positive and have to isolate.