You’ve seen the behemoth bevvy of basshead's on the lineup and have surely picked a pillow from one the highly regarded 'Hof hotels in our beds of the week. Now we present a big ol' how to list of how to get up to 'snow good at SB19  - like this guy...

Getting knee deep in meat

Put those Hans in the air for some of the most raucous raves hosted by the best butchers shop in the ‘Hof. 🙌🏼 Pork rolls by day, rave goals by night. He’s as serious about his schnitzel as we are about our snow - and if the meat’s as good as the music, it’s an unmissable, must-do venue! It’s über tasty, über fun, and the lineup's gonna be second to none… 🔥

Chair Lift Speed Dating

What the ‘Hof lacks in degrees, it makes up for in steamy speed-date smoochin’. 😈 We’ve had engagement proposals, weddings, and (probably) multiple babies conceived over the years at Snowbombing. 😍 Now we’ve also got the most efficient way of matching you lot with a lover, no swiping required. Just jump on a chair lift, break out ya best one liner, and voila. Results may vary…

Unleashing your inner yogi

Long nights left of stage are a bun-burning work out in themselves, but you can also sculpt your SB bod and decompress the noggin with a bit of alpine yoga. We can’t think of a better place for perfecting that warrior pose than the top of Mayrhofen's magical mountains. Namaste 🙏

Picking up a new skill for 2019

New to the slopes and want to give it a go? 🏂 You can book in for one on one ski or snowboarding lessons with a pro to get you shredding gnar in no time… maybe. Check out the options in your customer dashboard! 

Riding the snow. Seeking the prize.

If your boarding is sleek, then Ride n’ Seek! A platform for Europe’s most polished, piste-mad, party-goers to get crazy competitive, crazy cool, and in some cases… crazy clumsy. A three-day pro-bombing bonanza, with a one-off prize -  £2,000 in cold. hard. cash. 💸 Whether you fancy your chances, or just wanna watch, head up to the Board Park for the ride of your life: soundtrack provided by the most vibin’ SB selectors! 💥

Water Splish, Splash, Splosh

The Friday finale to our ritual Ride and Seek antics -  it’s a collective favourite, a wet ‘n’ wild wingding, a cascading escapade into the icy depths of our finest Alpine obstacles. It’s the true shivoo of showers, and prover of the piste-pro. Take a dip, or take a seat - but remember your towel either way. 💦💦💦

Snowlympics Championships

It’s the battle of the biggest SB egoists, the most courageous of the crowd, the bravest of the Snowbombing bunch. If you’re sleek on a sledge, can pitch a good snowball, and stand upright on snow like a tug of war champ… the Snowlympics is the sporting spectacle for YOU. 👊🏼

Don’t sumo wrestle like a snowflake… sell it like a Snowbomber, and bring it back for your SB team! 🏂

Soaring, Flying... Paragliding

It’s our most surreal, soaring, snow-sensation, and it’s well worth a few extra €. An absolute ideal for you adrenaline junkies, a top-pick for ticking off the bucket-list, and a full-blown fave for facing those sky-high fears. Hitch a ride to greater heights than you knew we could take you... climax… and relax. You’ve reached your peak festival experience. With panoramic views across the Ziller Valley, from an unbeatable bird's eye perspective, it’s (almost) better than the decks! ❄️

Get Glitzy In A Glitter Gondola!

Ever dreamed of being the most shimmering Ice King or Queen of the ‘Hof? ✨If your answer is “uhuh”, hop in one of our glitter gondolas and take it from ‘day on the Ahorn’ to ‘night on the town’. You’ll be the glitziest glacier God or Goddess the ‘Hof has ever hosted...  💎