With so much hedonism, thrill-seeking and damn good fun on at Snowbombing, it was hard to keep it to just 5! With igloo raves, mountain top stages, enchanted forest parties, 650km of unadulterated piste, and so much more, there really is so much packed into the postcard perfect resort of Mayrhofen... Live from SBHQ, we're proud to present this list of our personal faves. In no particular order...

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1) Gorgon City - Smirnoff Arctic Disco

Ever danced inside an igloo with the stars as your canvas and the world’s greatest DJs as your soundtrack? There’s summit cool happening on top of the Ahorn... A super exclusive event for only 300 people each night, and quite literally the coolest show on earth, the 2017 Smirnoff Arctic Disco was twice as nice with a line-up as cold as ice! Gorgon City's Kingdom party absolutely smashed it this year and really got the crowd's snow boots thumping! The infamous igloo rave sold out in record time but anybody not enough not to get a ticket could watch Mixmag's live stream 6000ft above sea level... 

2) Elrow Presents: El Bronx Street Party

You need to expect the spectacular when going to the annual Snowbombing Street Party, and as party purveyors Elrow weaved their costume magic, Mayrhofen was transported into the iconic, cultural melting pot of New York’s ‘El Bronx’. Home to Mafioso, Hip Hop, Break Dance and Graffiti. Every 'bomber's fancy dress game was strong! Eats Everything Richy Ahmed and Toni Varga laid down some serious beats and Elrow were on hand to cover downtown Mayrhofen in confetti and streamers. This was one we'll never forget... 

3) Chase & Status - Headline Forest Party Set

My god these guys know how to headline a festival. Set in our enchanted forest amongst the pines, Chase & Status were the perfect End Credits for our last night of Snowbombing madness. They arrived to a packed out crowd pining for some Eastern Jams, all Alive in hoping to be Lost & Not Found so they would never have to leave Mayrhofen! Ok, I'll stop song-dropping for just a mo' to say that their production, selection and performance was second to none and had 'bombers talking about it for weeks!

4) Skream's Hans the Butcher Pop Up Rave

Ever raved in a butcher's shop? You have? Ok, so you've been to Snowbombing. When Skream started climbing over his decks to party with the audience, their pork rolls in hand and fist pumping along to his infectious disco selection, we knew we were onto a magical moment. Surrounded by hanging dried meats, Hans himself got behind the decks to urge on the crowd further, although they didn't need any encouragement! The pop up raves that can occur at Snowbombing at any moment are what make it quite special, all it takes is a quick update from our app and BOOM you'll be throwing shapes at the local meat counter. See you down the front.

5) Hans Von Hofen's Freakadelic Circus, aka the 2017 Snowbombing Road Trip! ​

Europe’s silliest, daftest and most fun car rally, spanning 4 countries in a mad-cap two day gad-about. SB road trippers yearn for the open road and long to be part of a lawless gang of miscreants with one sole purpose of fun on their minds. The culmination of blue skies and long motorways whilst eating paprika crisps and service station Haribo for two days straight led a hero's reception and one hell of a welcome party on the Mayrhofen High St. on Sunday night... What a way to start the greatest week of the year!