Welcome to the official SB18 App!

With over 17 venues, 100+ artists, untold piste runs and more vigorous activities than a Boy Scout Summer Camp, Snowbombing is a festival that can be tricky to get to grips with! That’s why you need the beautiful new Snowbombing App, where you can find:

• The full 2018 schedule can be viewed for a one-off purchase of £2.99. Get it bought and start pouring over our incredible 2018 lineup! 

• Find all the venues, bars, restuarants, ski lifts (and your hotel at 3 in the morning) with our fully functioning resort map of Mayrhofen! 

• Last minute line-up changes, competitions, location guides and live social media updates can be found via a tap of your iPhone or Android phone screen. 

• Look through our brand new merhandise range and grab your favourite bits to pick up at the festival! 

• Find your mates on our resort map if you get separated from your gang! 

• A live social media feed, to ensure you never miss all the best snaps, tweets and videos

Pinpoint your mates location with the App!

Picture the scene, you've got yourself immersed in the crowd during Champagne Supernova at the end of Liam Gallagher's Forest Party and your gang is nowhere to be seen. Do you trudge around all evening, hoping to spot them amongst thousands of Snowbombers? Of course not... But wait! Our shiny new app provides salvation with a nifty feature on the Map section, that allows you to find your pals via their mobile numbers (presuming you have them saved already - if not, do that once you arrive). Their glowing presence will show up on our map and you'll be able to emotionally reunite and live the night you always dreamed of! 

Our map also provides locations on hotels, restaurants and the best place to grab a pint at any time... Wunderbar!

Grab your swag and buy official merchandise to pick up in resort!

Beat the crowds and grab your favourite items from our official merchandise page - directly through the app! Save yourself some packing by grabbing a hat, scarf and hoodie combo to pick up at our merchandise stands at the festival - simples! 

Top Up your Cashless Wristband through the App!

You can slap dough on your shiny SB18 Cashless wristband through the App too, allowing you to keep on the go and not worry about queuing at the top up stations or heading to Customer Services to load up your wrist… Simples! So if you run out of cash whilst getting silly at the Street Party, or need a fresh round of Jagers whilst in a frenzy in the Forest, simply whip out the App, give it a tap and follow the prompts and BOOM! Your wrist is loaded and the party can keep on flying...