It is one of the most excitement filled and immersive moments of the Snowbombing week, bringing together every single ‘bomber in a wild promenade of fancy dress, skulduggery, incredible DJs, live acts and more good-hearted oompah cheer than the finale of Oktoberfest.

The entire town gives up work for the afternoon in celebration of Europe’s biggest outdoor fancy dress event and as the bunting goes up and the beer stalls get set up, the eagerness and anticipation in the air is palpable.

This year, prepare thyself for a stonker of a lineup to ring in our 20th Birthday!

None other than Brighton legend that is, Mr Fatboy Slim, who will be headlining the main stage, with a set that is gonna be so damn HOT you will be crying out for more. Following him, you will be blessed with the bodacious beats of Eats Everything, who will have no doubt be warming up with a Hans session! After them, you'll see The Cuban Brothers' bringing their blends of sexy, soulful music and jaw-dropping B-Boy action to the stage. Then the dreamy sounds of Tom Grennan, a Londoner done real good, will take the day into night, with DJ Jay Newman finishing off the party with an absolute banger of a set!

This year sees a second stage introduced, that will be shenanigan lead, frolicking fun, all on the back of a truck! With the inauguration of the HONKY TONK’S ALPINE TRUCK Party! With the likes of Bodyhammer, the legit duo taking to the decks to spin out some mad tunes, Horse Meat Disco throwing out some absolute bangers, followed by a fabulously raunchy and glamorously divine sequin-spangled performance from Sink the Pink.

Along with a new stage, this street party will be kicked off in true Snowbombing madness with a carnival procession along the main street! But that's news for another day!...........

The Street Party Fancy Dress theme is "Made in the 90's"

With the funk soul brother himself taking centre stage for the 2019 Street Party, we thought it was only right that this year's theme would compliment everything about the decade we were conceived! So let's take it back to the '90s in outrageous style for our 20th Birthday street party!

So dig out your hammer pants, that matching baby G and your Buffalo's. Strut your stuff in a skintight union jack dress and ginger wig. Vibe with the fashionistas styles the likes of Saved by the Bell, Jurassic Park, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Gameboys, Spice Girls, Walkmans, Home Alone, Nirvana, Power Rangers, Clueless, Beastie Boys, Friends ... the outfit options are endless, and if you are stuck, just go to our faithful trusty friend, Google, who will search you out an outfit to impress!

Whether you are feeling fabulous and want to attend dressed as Cher from clueless, all fancy and designer adorned, or start growing your hair long a'la Hanson, it's all allowed, it's all cool and it's certainly ALL RAD!

Wanna bring your boombox 'pon thy shoulder, or dress your bestie as a cassette? Go on!

We wanna see you deep dive back to the wonderful nineties, the decade when you wrote love letters to crushes, and dial-up was absolutely a thing! We hereby grant thee, creative freedom to attend our birthday bash in whatever throwback style you can muster up!

Get ready to pivot more than Ross, Rachel and a sofa in a stairwell….It’s “Made in the 90’s”