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Snowbombing Royalty is BACK

Snowbombing Royalty is the ultimate festival loyalty programme, that rewards our community as a thank you for joining us year on year. You Snowbombers are what make it happen, so of course, we want to treat you like the royalty that you are! ❄️

Alongside enticing discounts on SB24 packages, anticipate a regal array of perks, including complimentary merch, exclusive entry to Erich’s Bar, drinks on the house, and a myriad of other delightful surprises! ✨

To be eligible to join the SB Royalty club, Snowbombing 2024 must be your 2nd (or more!) consecutive year at the festival. 👀 And yes, if you booked before today, you’re still eligible for the rewards! 🤩

Read on to discover the full array of incredible SB24 Royalty perks then fill out the form below to claim your rewards once you book SB24. 🤩👇

Silver 👉 Attended SB23 + SB24
Gold 👉 Attended SB22 + SB23 + SB24
Platinum 👉 Attended SB19 + SB22 + SB23 + SB24
Black 👉 Attended SB18 + SB19 + SB22 + SB23 + SB24