Do the downward dog... 6000ft in the air!

WHAT THE BLOOMIN ECK IS IT?  A fusion of Yoga and Dance moves, combining a highly stylised stretch with the slick angular alignment of vogueing. Think vogue. Think yoga. This is THE HOUSE OF VOGA. Yoga with sass... Up a mountain! Bosh.

VOGA unites a highly stylised and expressive yoga with the slick alignment and posing of vogue-inspired dance. It bridges the gap between YOGA and DANCE, combining the breath synchronised moves of yoga with the expressive moves of the dance class; focusing on strengthening the core with a channelling of chi. We can't think of a more stunning location for a spot of Yoga-Voga than the magical mountain vista found outside the Arctic Disco on the Ahorn mountain... Stretch out in front of the jaw-dropping splendour of the Zillertal Valley with daily sessions from Tuesday to Friday.