The biggest milestone moments from 20 years of Snowbombing!

From Street Party proposals to accidentally carting compost to a certain DJ's crash pad and creating an entire new genre of music, there's been a shed load of milestone moments in Snowbombing's massive 20 years!

Holidays to the 'hof always end in a story or two, so we've moved mountains to pull them all together in one place below.

Every week leading up to our BIG TWO OH we'll be sharing one of our Milestone Moments. See what we've got so far...


Back in 2008, we invited the first bevvy of live bands to bring the mosh to Mayrhofen. Foals, Madness and Courteeners joined the party and luckily we remained avalanche free! Since then we’ve had the likes of Kasabian, Bastille and Liam Gallagher on the most unique stages they’ll ever tread. 


A spandex-clad Snowbombing stalwart, Mr Motivator debuted his daily warm down on the slopes more than five years ago and we’ve invited him back for an annual set at the Pilz Bar Mountain Top stage ever since. The only person guaranteed to make you touch your toes and reach for the stars on the side of a mountain - all together now...say "Yeah!"


Fatboy Slim was one of the first to host our first sub-zero, sub-bass, mountain-top melee in the early ‘10s.️ Since then. this super intimate, exclusive and decidedly different dance-floor has gotten Snowbombers up close and personal with the likes of Kasabian, Skrillex, Nina Kraviz and Jade Jagger (which is another story altogether…) 🌄


There’s a reason a butcher’s shop is ranked the number one restaurant in Mayrhofen on Tripadvisor. It’s because Hans The Butcher's is the premier eatery in town!. 🥩

Hans has been feeding hungry Snowbombers his mouth-wateringly delicious schnitzels & wursts since 2005 but is happiest when he hosts our pop-up Butchers shop raves.


In 2009, we invited Europe’s best pro riders to show us how to slay the slopes.  ‘Course we had to put a sound system and decks in there to inspire them…and so the Ride & Seek was born. Over an exhilarating 10 years, we've skidooed the likes of Carl Cox, Norman Jay MBE and Idris Elba up there to soundtrack the epic tricks! ⛷🏂🔊


In 2015, Skrillex didn't just change his flight once, but four times so that he could go snowboarding and play unscheduled pop-up sets all around the festival (including one local Austrian swimming pool and a back-to-back with David Rodigan in the Arena!) ‍His subsequent touring schedule may have been in tatters - but what could we do? 🤷


When 2ManyDJ’s played in 2010, we gave their artist rider “Hummus – enough for 4 people” to the venue. Next thing we know their management are telling us they couldn’t get into their dressing room as the place was full of compost. 💩💩💩 It transpired that the local word for old cow muck is…that’s right…hummus.


😱 To say thank you for headlining Snowbombing 2018 we took Liam Gallagher on a Skiddoo tour up to Snowpark Terrace where we dropped in on an Idris Elba set, unaware the two had beef going back to their days on the corners in Baltimore. 👊 The mountain is big…but not big enough for both of them…so Liam rode on by… 👀


In 2013, Kasabian brought hysteria to the 'Hof at both the Forest Party and Arctic Disco. 🎸Plus if you were strolling the slopes you may have seen a cheeky little serenade from Serge... 😍


Last year Doorly brought his 'dial-a-disco' to the ‘hof, which meant when someone called in need of a party, he would come running… The chefs at the Strass Hotel were missing out on the action and gave him a buzz, so he turned up with Mall Grab and Jeremy Underground to host an impromptu kitchen party. 🎉🍴Plus an after-party in the sauna! 🧖‍♀️


‘Destroy Rock’n’Roll’ was the album of 2005 and Mylo was our headliner. Everyone wanted a piece of him, but his room was vacant, his lift-pass was unused. 🤔 No one had seen him anywhere… Then we received a call from Hans the Butcher, asking us to remove our headliner-in-hiding who had fallen asleep in his barn! 🌄😂


In 2017, our lucky punters got a text to head to a Mayrhofen carpark for a secret gig. It turned out they were about to witness SB mainstays Artwork and Eats Everything play an impromptu gig in a lorry - the Honky Tonk Alpine Truck Party! 🚚🚚🚚


When The Prodigy first saw our repurposed nativity stage, tucked away in an alpine forest clearing, it took some convincing, but these twisted firestarters set the stage alight! 🔥 We like The Prodigy so much we had to have them back for our 20th anniversary celebration - not a bad house band, eh? 🤘


Back In 2011 we booked an unknown ginger kid to play Snowbombing. He missed his flight but his dad drove him from the UK to the 'Hof, and he was pretty damn good according to to those who witnessed his tunes... Wonder what became of him? 🤔

Check back every week for another pearler from the past. As you can tell we're pretty excited for SB19 and our 20th birthday!