Big pimpin'… without spending hella G’s!

Ge-ge-geyeah! If you’ve heard about Snowbombing… chances are you’ll wanna join the greatest show on snow and do it big! Real big! Like big pimpin’ big! Jay-Z big! Notorious BIG, big!

You get it, right?
Luckily, there are some tips and tricks you can use at #SB18 to save money without skipping out on the luxury.

Book Your Boujie Digs

Just because you plan on having an adventure driven week of snowboarding, skiing and partying doesn't mean where you rest your goggles has to be shabby. At #SB18 we have a range of plush, 4 & 5 star hotel digs for you to warm your cockles on the very rare downtime, without blowing your whole budget.

Take Hotel Stefanie or Hotel Eder Ferienanlag in Zillertal Valley for instance. From just £429.00 , they have just the right amount of bling ✨, perfect access to the #SB18 Festival site, a spa, panoramic views and panoramic suites, if you are doing #SB18 super boojie but be warned, they are selling beds fast so be quick!

Pimp Your Ride

Or at least take a snap with a pimped out ride! If there isn't a picture, it didn't really happen... did it?

Fancy being part of an elite crew of outstandingly dressed members of gold, then jumping aboard the SB18 Road Trip driven by BMW?

The SB18 Road Trip driven by BMW consists of a fleet of brand new, Galvanic Gold BMW X2s leading the pack, transporting artists and competition winners to Snowbombing's Mayrhofen, arriving Sunday April 8th as part of the infamous 150 car arrival procession. 

To be in with the chance of winning a trip to Snowbombing in style, tune in to Capital/Radio X from 12th February 2018.


As you may have heard, every Snowflake is different. 

Well the same goes for Snowbombing! Everyone has a different experience and whilst there are some who party hard day and night, others can enjoy an altogether more luxurious festival experience. 

Choosing a cosy 4 star hotel with balcony with chocolate box views and an elegant spa downstairs, booking tables in traditional eateries and sipping cocktails in the sun is option for you if that's more your thing

VIP Options

There are loads of VIP options for Snowbombers looking to live it up at #SB18 especially those who want to do VIP on a shoestring budget which is most definitely possible...


Arctic Disco Tickets

We've said it before, but we'll say it again. The Smirnoff Arctic Disco is quite literally the coolest party on the planet. 

Expect sub zero sub bass at 6000ft, a handful of the world's most exciting DJs and three hundred ravers doing their best to make the walls melt... A once in a lifetime experience which you need to attend...

Go Premium With Your Activities

With so much fun available and accessible at Snowbombing 2018, ballin' will come so much easier with premium activities added to your personal #SB18 itinerary.

Paragliding ✔️

Cable Car Raves ✔️

Ski Lift Karaoke ✔️

Chair Lift Speed Dating ✔️

Snolympics ✔️

and much, much more! Check out the activities gallery from #SB17 here