Hans Von Hofen's Freakadelic Circus was a riotous mission to the mountains!

Snowbombing is proud to attract the hardier type of soul: those willing to head straight from the party to the piste and keep on doing it for five solid nights. And none come tougher, more resilient and more downright down for partying then the participants in the SB Road Trip, this year titled Hans Von Hofen’s Freakadelic Circus! Our story started yesterday, as a herd of yawning troops descended on Kent early at the Road Trip departure point. Teams of Freakadelic Circus trippers received their Road Trip Packs, all filled up with goodies for the journey. Once Hans’ Freaky troops had hit the road and safely navigated a suitably nautical knees up on the good ship P and O, the Road Trip was in full swing and the clan raced towards Germany’s best-kept secret and home of that classic semi-gross sausage… Frankfurt! 

The historic town was the setting for the Freakadelic stop-off that night, and after a buffet at the hotel, it was high time for a spot of, erm, Bingo. Yes, that’s right. But this wasn’t your usual wee-smelling going-down-the-Mecca-with-your-nan job, oh no. This year at SB17, we were proud to welcome Bongos’ Bingo, the musical bingo sensation that has steadily been taking the UK by storm. 

The sedate British pastime has been given a new outrageous lease of life by turning into more of a rave, and we were frankly giddy with excitement (and booze) after their wild outing in the Fun Haus on Monday night... 

HUGE thank you to all the freaks, ravers, performers, all the staff at the QHotel and everyone else that made the SB17 Road Trip so much fun. You're the hardcore, the most dedicated and the most damn fun Snowbombers there are... We salute you!