We can't wait for a week of stunning shindigs inside the Bruck 'N Stadl alongside Smirnoff Equalising Music!

Launched in 2017, Smirnoff Equalising Music is a 3-year, global initiative to double female and female-identifying headliners and inspire the next generation of DJs. Smirnoff aims to escalate gender parity in the music industry by 2020. We're delighted to be working alongside Smirnoff  to push the Equalising Music campaign even further, to continue to stimulate discussion and elevate female and female identifying talents into the positions they have rightfully earned! The Smirnoff Equalising Music project is heading for the mountains, with a bus packed full of selectors across the full gender spectrum... 

After announcing the full SEM lineups in February, We're itching to welcome this highly diverse and exciting pack of DJs, set to head for the 'hof and represent SEM in serious style: Bring forth the Techno temptress Nastia, Snowbombing hero and infamous party specialist Artwork, the South Korean superstar Peggy Gou and the irrepressible Honey Dijon. It would be hard to find a more talented and in-demand set of DJs to represent Equalising Music's ethos - and we can't wait to welcome them to the mountains! 

What do the artists say?

Commenting on the SEM campaign, Nastia  said: "It's cool to be a part of the Smirnoff #EqualisingMusic campaign, which aims to increase the amount of female and female identifying artists in the electronic music industry. I hope this will be a quality platform where you can find inspiration, get some help and see what's up on the scene right now. It's a part of the global music culture and we will all build it together right now. And what a worthy team!"

Artwork: "I wanted to get involved because I believe it’s up to all of us to push for gender equality."

The Brück'n Stadl is often heralded as one of the great underground dance spots in Europe: a pretty wooden club that becomes something quite different during Snowbombing week. When dusk falls and the slopes are empty, it transforms into a music mecca in the mountains that houses some of dance musics greatest DJs inside it’s oak walls… Bring on Smirnoff Equalising Music at SB18! The mountains are very nearly in sight, Snowbombers...