Stay Safe, Stay Sound

At Snowbombing we’re a trusty team of festival fanatics, and we know our customers are too! Snowbombing is a community, and we all need to play a part in keeping each other safe and sound…

Safe Suggestions

• Check your locks like you drink your spirits – single, double, even triple lock to be safe!

•  Keep one eye on your beer, and one on your board (or skis!) on the piste, especially when heading into bars and cafes. If your hired equipment is stolen, you’ll have to pay for it and claim from your insurance later.

• Hotels may have a safe where you can leave valuables – e.g. passport, emergency cash. Unless you always fancied a trip to the Austrian Embassy…

• For peace of mind on the piste, register your valuables with Immobilise, the UK national property register! This may improve the chances of getting them back if they are lost or stolen.

Snowbombing Cashless

Whilst in the resort, you can forget the coins – cashless is back! Your festival wristband will contain an RFID chip that will grant you access to Snowbombing venues, and enable you to buy drinks and merchandise with a simple flick of the wrist. Less time on the pennies, more time on the party.

Where can Cashless payments be made?

The Racket Club, The Fun Haus, The Street Party, The Forest Stage, The Bruck’n Stadl, The Arena and the official SB merchandise stands.

Where can’t Cashless payments be made?

The Ice Bar, The Sports Bar, Mo’s Bar, local restaurants and mountain bars including the Arctic Disco.

Please ensure that you are carrying an alternative payment method (e.g. cash or card) to make payments in these venues.