Rules Of Conduct

1. All attendees must be over 18 years of age and provide valid ID, to be checked upon collection of your festival wristband.

2. All attendees require a Snowbombing festival wristband, which will be checked upon entry to Snowbombing venues.

3. Entry to Snowbombing venues is subject to search.

4. Management reserve the right to refuse entry to Snowbombing venues.

5. No alcohol or liquids are permitted to be taken into to any Snowbombing venue.

6. Attendees who are deemed intoxicated will not be served alcohol and may be ejected from the premises.

7. For safety reasons, glass is strictly prohibited inside Snowbombing venues.

8. Attendees are required to behave in a way that does not endanger the safety of people or property.

9. Any wilful damage to property must be paid for and may lead to prosecution. Payment will be required to cover the cost of damage and wristbands suspended until such time that the damage is paid for in full.

10. Anti-social behaviour may result in the festival wristband being removed, preventing access to Snowbombing venues.

11. Attendees are requested to respect the local residents around the festival site and resort, and refrain from making excessive noise.

12. Illegally parked vehicles are subject to local regulations and may be removed at the owner’s cost.

13. Illegal substances, drugs and the dealing of drugs (including new psychoactive substances) will not be tolerated.

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14. Anyone suspected of using or distributing drugs may be searched. Police officers will be on site and will handle drug offences in accordance with the Austrian Law.

15. The following items are strictly prohibited at the event:

Chinese lanterns; candles; sound systems; BBQs; glass; any beverages; drones; laser pens; selfie sticks; man-bags; unofficial high vis jackets; potential weapons of any kind; new psychoactive substances; poppers, nitrous oxide also known as laughing gas; illegal substances; fireworks; compressed gas containers; aerosols; flares; air horns; flag sticks; banners, signs or materials displaying political, religious, offensive or race-related messages, slogans or images; offensive fancy dress; any item that management consider dangerous, hazardous and/or illegal or that may be used as a weapon or a missile or that may compromise or otherwise interfere with the enjoyment, comfort or safety of (or pose a hazard to) any person or security at the Venue(s); animals (other than assistance dogs); any tripods or video camera equipment whatsoever (whether or not for personal use); any camera or other type of photographic or recording device (of any nature whatsoever and whether capturing audio, or still or moving pictures) other than for personal use; any objects bearing trademarks or other kinds of promotional signs and messages (of whatever nature) which management believe are for promotional purposes.

16. A number of these items are subject to local and Austrian regulations which differ from UK law. Any prohibited items may be removed, confiscated and/or destroyed even if the item itself is not illegal, without compensation at the discretion of any Authorised Person.