Grandmaster Flash

One of the founding fathers of hip-hip, Grandmaster Flash revolutionised the way music was played - the turntable would become an instrument! Developing ground-breaking techniques like cutting, back-spinning and phasing, Flash innovated DJ jargon still used to this day. He was the first DJ to put out a rap record and in “Adventures On The Wheels Of Steel,” he created an aural template that let the world at large into the secrets of the New York ghettos. If Afrika Bambaataa provided the ingredients and Kool Herc a rough method, more than any other, it was Grandmaster Flash who refined the recipe and turned hip hop from a boroughs novelty into a worldwide phenomenon. He’s the decknician with magic in his fingers. The DJ who put the hip in hop. Flash is fast. Flash is cool. And we’ll see him on the slopes!