That’s right - BMW is back on board as Snowbombing’s Official Car Partner, celebrating 20 years of Snowbombing and the BMW X range! Expect over 100 cars packed full of fancy dress-clad festival revellers cruising the autobahn towards Snowbombing in convoy - it's simply the BEST way to get to the mountains!


Calling all dudes and dudettes. Join us on the adventure from the UK to the mountains of Austria. Get dressed up for your throwback of a journey… book now to secure your spot on this totally radical Road Trip!

The theme for this year’s Road Trip is “Made in the 90’s".

Needing some nostalgic inspo? Think, Saved by the Bell, Jurassic Park, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Gameboys, Spice Girls, Walkmans, gel pens, Buffalo boots, The Prodigy, Home Alone, Nirvana, Power Rangers, Clueless, Beastie Boys, MC Hammer, Friends ... the outfit options are endless! So dust off those scrunchies and get fancy! WORD! We want to see some serious creativity, as we celebrate 20 years of Snowbombing and the BMW X range! We know that the Snowbombing Road Trippers are the most outlandish and immensely creative of all the Snowbombers - quite simply speaking, you are legends.


STARTING POINT - BOUGHTON GOLD CLUB, KENT: Meet here and our dream team will serve you delicious coffee and breakfast butties and perhaps a little morning flashmob to watch while you eat! Plus you can expect rad DJs, ridiculous games with The Provibers, 90s brass bangers from our house band Loud Noises and so much more, to see you off on your epic journey.

At the start point, you can get your wristbands, and gather all the necessary bits of info for the trip. This means you skip all those queues in Mayrhofen and you can go straight to the party! Oosh.

FERRY CROSSING: Next stop: Calais. Drive in convoy to Dover to catch the ferry for some pit stop party action but this time - at sea. Cue onboard performances music and more - then we're back on the road.

STOPOVER - VICTOR'S RESIDENZ, SAARBRUCKEN: Arrive at the epic halfway hotel for a delicious dinner and serious entertainment from Bongo's Bingo, Eats Everything and Sink the Pink to get you in the mood for your week in the ‘Hof.
*But make sure you go to bed early and catch those Zs, there’s a big day of driving ahead!

TO MAYRHOFEN: We will start the morning, bright and early, with a full breakfast before hitting the road for the final stretch of the journey to Austria. As we arrive in the ‘Hof we will become the talk of the town, as the arrival procession always is. The streets will be lined with envious Snowbombers, the entire village and their aunties, uncles and cattle too, who WISH they had been part of the road trip! Music will be blasting from the Sports Bar by our resident DJ, the one and only “Emerald”. Your arrival sparks the official start of our 20th Birthday Party. So this year, be fantabulous, be cool, be stylish and let's get down in the mountains together.


From just £299 per car, your package includes:
- The official RT starting soirée including a breakfast and all the coffee you can shake a stick at.
- Official Road Trip decals & flags for your car
- Drivers manual, outlining the route, schedule, tasks & pit stops
- Return Ferry crossing
- Road Trip goodie bag
- The infamous Pit-Stop event with Eats Everything, Bongo’s Bingo & Sink the Pink
- Entertainment from The Provibers & Loud Noises
- The MOST EPIC arrival party and road trip awards ceremony
- The worlds best and happiest arrival procession into Mayrhofen. Guaranteed.

*This does not include hotel accommodation or fuel, this needs to be purchased seperately.
** Route and hotel booking info to follow.


The Snowbombing Road Trip is not a race or a rally; it’s more a leisurely European adventure all the way to the Hof… As any agony aunt will tell you, ‘it’s not about the winning, it’s the taking part that counts'. So think camaraderie rather than competition and make sure you soak up the scenery. After all, you know what they say, ‘half the fun is getting there! Make unforgettable memories on this infamous mission to the mountains.

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