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Welcome To The Planet Snowbombing Street Party!

It’s a true Snowbombing institution and undoubtedly one of the highlights of the week, as thousands of fancy-dress clad Snowbombers descend on the centre of Mayrhofen to revel in the spring sun, creating Austria’s biggest outdoor fancy dress carnival! That’s right, it’s the Snowbombing Street Party – back with a brand new theme for 2020! Drum-roll please..Mayrhofen, we have a party – We’re delighted to introduce The Planet Snowbombing Street Party! Launching off on Tuesday 14th April, Planet Snowbombing will witness the (friendly) invasion of thousands of astronauts, aliens, galactic space cowboys, Star Wars characters, Mr.Spock, The Jetsons and everything in between. Think green paint, tinfoil, homemade helmets, ray guns and the rest – this is set to be an intergalactic rave that’s (literally) out of this world! Girls, if you’ve ever fancied becoming Princess Leia, Barberalla, Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley or perhaps Chewbacca then this is your moment! It’s come one come all at Planet Snowbombing…

And what of the artists crash-landing into this brave new rave planet? It’s only the UK music overlord Mike Skinner and his world beating band The Streets, fittingly performing at a Street Party – perhaps a world first?
Quickly following behind are the UK garage cult heroes Kurupt FM, jumping into their spaceship packed with UK Garage bangers – whilst the galaxy’s ultimate party starting hip hop quartet are back amongst it at Snowbombing for their annual mountain merriment – it’s The Cuban Brothers! Yes friends. Chuck in the raucous energy of Dub Pistols and you have a party that’ll be talked about across the universe and beyond for lightyears to come. Take us to your leader, Snowbombers!