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SB22 Covid-19 Update

Updated 25th November 2021

Dear Snowbombers,

We know many of you have been wondering about the latest rules and restrictions in Austria, and we want to reassure you that we are positive that Snowbombing 2022 will be going ahead next year. 

Austria is currently in a temporary lockdown between 22nd November and 13th December.  Winter tourism is a vital part of their economy, and the Austrian government are taking early measures to drive vaccination, which will ensure a strong and enjoyable ski season – topped off with a sensational return of Snowbombing. 

Vaccination Requirements

From 13th December, Austria’s “2-G” rule will be in effect. This means that everyone needs to be fully vaccinated or show proof of recovery (within the last 180 days), in order to access any hotel or other accommodation, bar or restaurant, indoor or outdoor venue, and the cable cars. Negative covid tests are not currently accepted (PCR, Antigen, Lateral Flow or otherwise). Please bear in mind, 2-dose-vaccinations are valid for 9-months, after which a booster jab will be required.

If the Austrian Government maintains the 2-G rule over the Snowbombing 2022 festival dates, the festival will go ahead as normal, but we will only be allowed to admit people to the festival who can show proof of vaccination or proof of recovery. This is to ensure the utmost safety amongst Austrian residents, and you Snowbombers during your stay.

If you’re not yet vaccinated:

Based on the NHS recommendation of 8 to 12 weeks between doses, in order to be double vaccinated by April 2022, you’d need your first one at the very latest around the 7th January 2022, which will come around quickly.

If you’re already vaccinated:

Your vaccine is valid for 9 months only after your second dose. After that, a booster jab is required for a valid proof of vaccination. Therefore, if you had your 2nd jab before 14th June 2021, this will have expired by Snowbombing 2022, and you will need to book in a booster vaccination over the coming months. You can check your vaccination status on the NHS app.

Therefore, in order to reduce the risk of missing out on what’s set to be the biggest and best Snowbombing to date, we strongly advise all Snowbombers to ensure they are vaccinated.