Fancy Dress? ✔︎ Ski gloves? ✔︎ Suncream? ✔︎ PASSPORT?! Read our handy SB19 packing guide below...

When you go ‘boarding in January or when you hit Ibiza its very simple and straightforward. But Snowbombing takes place on the cusp of the seasons and has one foot in winter and the other in beautiful Alpine spring - So you could well see temperature variations of between minus 15 and + 30 degrees! You don't want to be that fool who heads up the mountain in flip-flops then has to be saved by Mountain Rescue (trust us, it's happened). So first things first- make sure you've got a sturdy pair of snow boots if you're heading up the mountain without skis or a snowboard (e.g for the Smirnoff Arctic Disco or a boogie at The Mountain Stage). 

The forecast for this year is an exciting mix of blue skies and very pleasant sunshine BUT these are the alps and the weather can change before you can say “light wind chill” – so don’t get caught out! Even if you’re in a t-shirt and shorts in the afternoon, it will still be crisp at night…and the forest always feels like an Alpine forest after the sun disappears – hats, jackets are a good idea when heading off into the woods. 

The pure white snow reflects the sun like crazy, and sunburn begins as soon as you set foot on the mountain. If you are a little fair of skin, then ensure your suncream is part of your kitlist for the day, and apply it regularly! We recommend Piz Buin, but you should go no lower than Factor 15 (get ready for some serious goggle tan!). It's also handy to have a lip balm to ensure full and voluptuous lips after a heavy day on the slopes...

Sunglasses are an essential piece of kit for a snow holiday, the reflection is fierce and without them you won’t be able to ski/’board and will end up buying goggles with money you ought to be spending on Jagermeister and Paprika crisps. Likewise with gloves. You WILL fall over and snow is cold and wet. Don’t shell out for expensive ski gloves when you can pick up a cheaper pair in the UK.

Oh – and don’t forget your passport. In fact locate it now and save yourself that last minute panic... We've all been there! 

See ya in the sunshine and snow at SB19! x