Your ultimate fancy dress guidebook for the SB19 Road Trip driven by BMW.

Since the beginning, Snowbombing and fancy dress have gone hand in hand. The art of getting sartorially silly is a crucial ingredient of what makes it what it is.

From Lederhoedowns and Royal Wedding Street Parties to Mardi Gras Carnivals. From the Road Trip that sees several hundred ridiculously dressed Snowbombers cruising down the Autobahn, to groups of snowboarding wizards attempting tricks at the board park. Snowbombing’s inherent silliness and sense of fun has seen some of the greatest party get-ups of all time. 

This year’s Road Trip theme is throwing us back to the decade where it all began! 


Needing some nostalgic inspo? Think, Saved by the Bell, Jurassic Park, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Gameboys, Spice Girls, Walkmans, gel pens, Buffalo boots, Home Alone, Nirvana, Power Rangers, Clueless, Beastie Boys, MC Hammer, Friends ... the outfit options are endless! 

So dust off those scrunchies and get fancy! WORD! We want to see some serious creativity, as we celebrate 20 years of Snowbombing and the BMW X range! We know that the Snowbombing Road Trippers are the most outlandish and immensely creative of all the Snowbombers - quite simply speaking, you are legends.


Can we come as the Spice Girls we hear you holler? The answer is YES. Unleash the union jack dress, dust off the pigtails, we wanna see you zig a zig aah.

You can get all vibey like the fresh prince, or don the lycra like a power ranger! With a theme like this, get your creative juices flowing! We wanna see you work it! 


With over 100 cars packed full of fancy dress clad party starters, rolling towards Snowbombing in unison, it's simply the most unique way to the mountains. Europe’s silliest, craziest and most colourful convoy, spanning 5 countries in an epic, two-day escapade. Arrive at SB in style this April.

The Provibers as well as Bingos Bingo, Sink the Pink, Eats Everything and of course Loud Noises, the infamous Brass Band and many more, arriving in the ‘Hof on Sunday the 7th of April, 2019.