Madcap revelry, larking about and generally getting silly on the slopes is part and parcel of Snowbombing...

When you chuck together 7,000 fancy dress clad mischief makers, in the fun filled, apres ski capital of the alps, you have the perfect recipe for a japes and banter filled adventure that’s more fun than watching Hans the Butcher tackle the board park on a snowboard! 

Everybody sah HUUUUUUUH! We’re delighted to welcome back Snowbombing stalwart and the original muscle from the mountains (who could still give Schwarzenegger a real run for his money)… It’s only Mr Motivator! Back with a load of fresh dance themed workouts for his daily SB warm down sessions and a brand new leotard for 2017, the number 1 fitness guru will be back once again, spreading his good words of stretching and feel good fun. Surely the most famous Jamaican to ever wear lycra, Motivator has once again swapped the sunshine for snow, to retain his crown as king of the mountain stage.

Step up SB Royalty! True Olympian hero and a verifiable British icon - Michael Edwards, better known as Eddie the Eagle, has also become a fixture of Snowbombing in recent years. British ski jump champ and the recipient of his very own hollywood film biopic, Eddie’s a regular face on the slopes of the Zillertal, coaching press and celebrities and often a lucky competition winner or too. He’s also fond of a party so you may well find yourself next to him in the Arena at five in the morning dancing like mad to DnB. Cheers Eddie!

Next up. New for SB17... House of Voga and The Dance-Off hit the 'hof! 

WHAT THE BLOOMIN ECK IS IT?  A fusion of Yoga and Dance moves, combining a highly stylised stretch with the slick angular alignment of vogueing. Think vogue. Think yoga. This is THE HOUSE OF VOGA. Yoga with sass... Up a mountain! Bosh. 

THE DANCE OFF: If you’re a UK festival regular, you'll have seen these dudes rocking areas at events like SGP, Boomtown, Glade, Lovebox and Love Saves The Day. No longer satisfied with watching lacklustre DJ sets and crowds of head-nodders, in 2008 they set out to fuse music and punters together in a new and explosive format where teams step into a boxing ring to do battle, a dance based battle where anything and everything goes. Over the years the can’t stop/won’t stop attitude of The Dance-Off has earned them a loyal following and a strong reputation as heavyweight party rockers... So get ready to cut a serious rug on the ice! 

Last but not least - it's the return of the Cool Bananas. Who could forget our trusty performing banana troop... Hosts of the infamous Snolympics, where each year we seek to draw out the most courageous Snowbombers, pitting them against each other in one unholy battle of blood, sweat and ego's. It never fails to become a fascinating spectacle that always proves über entertaining to watch. 

Why not let these mischievous matchmakers set you up on your romantic high octane speed date of your life. Prepare to pucker up for private (ish) Ski Lift Speed Dating sessions. Meet your match. The the love of your life (or at least of the week...). 

Oh, and did we mention Cable Car-aoke? Buckle up your ski boots and prepare to warble your way up the Penken to a selection of singalong classics. Take me away!