Grab a return journey from just £135!

January is nearly flipping over, it's payday and there are still AMAZING flights deals out to Snowbombing this April. We’ve done the hard work for you to find the cheapest flights from all over the UK and Europe so it’s easier than ever to make it to the mountains! But act quick; as we know all good things come to an end and these bargain prices won’t stick around forever! 

And of course, don’t forget to book your bed from just £299 for 5 nights accomm + wristband whilst you’re at it too…

Flights from London

2nd April London Gatwick – Munich @ 18:30

9th April Munich – LHR @ 07:20

Flights from £103 return per person-buy here!

3rd April London Heathrow – Munich @ 20:25

9th April Munich – London Heathrow @ 20:15

Flights from £105 return per person-buy here!

2nd April London Heathrow – Munich @ 17:15

9th April Munich – London Heathrow @ 20:15

Flights from £115 return per person-buy here!

Flights from Manchester

2nd April Manchester - Munich @ 13:25

9th April Munich Manchester @ 17:05

Flights from £144 per person - buy here! 

3rd April Manchester - Salzburg @ 06.20

9th April Salzburg - Manchester @ 06:45

Flights from £184 per person - buy here!

Flights from Bristol

2nd April Bristol to Munich @ 17:10 

9th April Munich to Bristol @ 16:00 

Flights from £144 per person - buy here! 

3rd April Bristol to Innsbruck @ 07:20 

9th April Innsbruck to Bristol @ 10:35

Flights from £148 per person - buy here! 

Airport Transfers

Once you've booked your flights, simply head to your Snowbombing customer dashboard to grab transfers. You lets us know the details, we send a shiny coach to come and grab you... simple.

Munich - 2.5hrs - £39 each way

Salzburg - 3hrs - £32 each way

Innsbruck Airport - 1.5hrs - £32 each way