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Fancy Dress At SB20: What To Wear?

Fancy Dress is ingrained in the fabric of Snowbombing! From Austria’s biggest outdoor fancy dress bash to the colourful carnival arrival of the Road Trip driven by BMW to Cable Car raves, from mountain Olympics t o Mr Motivator inspired spandex, the world’s greatest show on snow is always ablaze with a cavalcade of fun and silly outfits. What should you be shoving into the suitcase come April? Read on for our SB20 Fancy Dress guide!


Snowbombers pimp their rides and their outfits before travelling in convoy to the world’s greatest show on snow. In 2020, we’re delighted to present the Rock Electric Road Trip, driven by BMW.

But what of the 2020 theme? The Rock Electric Road Trip driven by BMW is all about seizing the energy and style of iconic artists and musicians, or forging your own path as a brand new Rockstar to break the mould! Whichever route you choose, there’s a wealth of options available to make sure you look simply electrifying on the 2020 Road Trip. Do your best Britpop swagger and come as the iconic Liam Gallagher; think a parka, a mod haircut and a scowl. Perhaps you want to represent the geezer charm of The Streets, complete with Reeboks and a Burberry cap and look truly fit (but you know it)?

Or how about one of the many mysterious masked men from the electronic music world? Think Daft Punk, Claptone, Deadmau5 and beyond. Maybe you fancy taking it further back and rocking an Elvis fringe, or a Bob Dylan hair-do? OR, if you wanted to make something truly fresh and exciting, go full neon and become your own electrified neon superstar – it’s your call! Snowbombing is a festival that welcomes one and all – from stadium rock and indie to underground electronic beats, it’s all packed into our chocolate box resort of Mayrhofen…


Mayrhofen, we have a party – We’re delighted to introduce The Planet Snowbombing Street Party! Launching off on Tuesday 14th April, Planet Snowbombing will witness the (friendly) invasion of thousands of astronauts, aliens, galactic space cowboys, Star Wars characters, Mr.Spock, The Jetsons and everything in between, with the greatest line-up in the galaxy: The Streets, Kurupt FM, The Cuban Brothers and Dub Pistols, plus MANY more surprises still to be unveiled. Yes Friends!

But what are the fancy dress requirements to gain your landing codes to Planet Snowbombing? Think green paint, tinfoil, homemade helmets, ray guns and the rest – this is set to be an intergalactic rave that’s (literally) out of this world! Girls, if you’ve ever fancied becoming Princess Leia, Barberalla, Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley or perhaps Chewbacca then this is your moment! It’s come one come all on this planet…