We've scaled the mountain and planted our shiny new flag at the summit. Gather your gang, shout it from the rooftops and start hyperventilating for Mayrhofen as Snowbombing 2017 is open for business from 6PM Tonight.

We're back stronger, sturdier, sexier and downright sillier than ever before. This evening (Thursday 4th August) sees a bevvy of amazingly discounted beds at über limited Super Early Bird Prices, a veritable Austrian banquet of perfectly priced pillows that'll vanish quicker then you can say "Wilkommen to ze Guesthouse". Our deposit system means it costs a mere £130 +bf each to secure your spot at Snowbombing 2017, so head on at 6pm tomorrow and immerse yourselves in our awesome array of beds to find the right one that fits for you. 

Is there anything softer than Austrian carpet? Decadent dwelling or a practical crash pad? Out of town, downtown or bang in town?Rooftop jacuzzi? Your call to make. This is your chance to grab the most sought after palaces in central Mayrhofen: The Elisabeth, The Strass and The Mannis before they get snapped up and believe us they will. Alternatively grab the best super early bird options Downtown or our best offer; a budget friendly Group Apartment from just £249. So what are you waiting for? 

Let’s be clear, once you’re at Snowbombing there’s no doubt you’re in for Instagram-crashing good times, and remember, it costs only £130 (plus bf) to secure your spot at Snowbombing 2017, so click below to pick your perfect pillow and start dreaming of those mountains once more. It's time for Achtung! We're moving mountains yet again...