Ensure you're fully loaded for SB17 with the essentials: Ski Lessons, Ski & Board Hire, VIP upgrades and more!

Let’s be clear, once you’re at Snowbombing there’s no doubt you’re in for Instagram-crashing good times, but to ensure you wring every last drop of fun from your week in the 'hof, you're gonna need your Extra Sprinkles. These added bundles of joy will ensure your Snowbombing experience is nothing short of stupendous... Read on! 

Please note that Lift Passes & Winter Sports Insurance will both be available to book very soon! Arctic Disco tickets also go on sale in the new year, so keep your eyes peeled for those...

Ski Lessons

We're in the Alps for a reason! You've just gotta try skiing, boarding (or both!) at Snowbombing. The instructors are handsome, debonair and friendly and there'll be plenty of other newbies to fall around with. There are also classes for intermediate skiers, perfect if you want to improve your technique or just fly around the mountain with some people of a similar standard. Sorted.

Ski & Board Hire

If you don't own your own gear, or can't face lugging it across Europe, don't panic. We've got your back. You can hire skis, snowboards, helmets and any other type of piste-based sorcery from our tried and trusted shops within Mayrhofen. Leave the skis in the cupboard and embrace hands free travelling...


The VIP Snowbombing wristband (SOLD OUT) offers you: Granted fast track access to The Racket Club, Street Party and Forest Party, first dibs on tickets to the Arctic Disco, 10% off all Snowbombing merchandise at the event, a complementary lanyard programme, a free welcome drink on arrival and a fist bump with Idris Elba... Maybe. All for 100 smackers. Snowballing.

The Roadtrip

Who could say no to a road trip? This one's more Noah's Arc Gone Wrong than Top Gear (which we think is a good thing). Furnish your Fiat in Fur, stock up on Haribo, wind down the windows, stick your tongue out at sing along. They don't call it the open road for nothing...

What's the deal?

Well you get your official Snowbombing Road Trip flags and car stickers, obviously. Your driver's manual (how else are you meant to know where you're going?). Road trip uniforms for everyone. Breakkie and bants on day one. Bants everyday to be honest. Return ferry ticket (you'll be in the same boat as all the other trippers). Pit stop parties with unpredictable shenanigans as standard (known by many as The Craft of Daft). Parking. The mega procession into Mayrhofen (a genuine tear jerker) followed by official awards ceremony, a toast and a certificate to show mummy (or the grandkids)... 

Everyone knows someone (or knows someone who knows someone) who's rounded the legendary SB Road Trip... It's a bucket list thing, you just gotta. Route, schedule and the infamous fancy dress theme will all be announced in the new year. Keep your ears open! The price of £299 is per car, so only one of your team needs to book it. Easy.

Coach it to the slopes

The snow coach is cheaper than a flight and its door-to-door service means you'll go from home to the heart of the festival with no transfer costs. Plus, you arrive with a load of new mates! Pass the sweets...

We offer travel from over 10 different locations in the UK so wherever you call home, likelihood is we'll pick you up en route and it means you and your mates can travel together, sling your skis in the boot, sit back and relax as you wind your way to the mountains. All aboard.