Fancy a freebie? Grab a group of 10 or more and you board GRATIS. It's a no brainer. To secure free accommodation and a complementary festival wristband, just follow these 4 simple steps...

So you’re the chief, rallying a gang of disorganised mates? You’re an ambassador, baby. Click here to set up your SB18 Ambassador group page now.

Etch it in your memory, stitch it into your salopettes, whack it on facebook. Next step; share your unique SB18 Ambassador group page link with your friends. The mountains are calling.

Blue runs, black runs, schnapps runs. The original. Unparalleled. Undeniably epic. Book via your SB18 Ambassador group page and get 10 mates to join you.

Boom. It's that easy. For being a top SB18 Ambassador, we'll reward you by popping the average cash value of your 11+ group's accommodation straight into your bank account. Your festival ticket is free, so voila. First round on you.